Ready for some spiritual food, verse by verse?

There are two ways you can listen to sermons: 

1.  listen from this page
2.  podcast

DIRECTIONS: Click the sermon you desire to hear. There are more options to download and listen on the "Now Playing" tab for each service. 

Take pastor and teacher Carlton Brown with you to the gym, for a walk, or even to the grocery store. It's your choice! Whether you need to pause, rewind, or replay, podcasting allows you to listen wherever and whenever you want - as often as you want.


Apple's proprietary MP3 organizer/aggregator transfers your downloaded podcast(s) to your iPod/MP3 player. iTunes is a free program, compatible with PCs and Macs.

The newest version of iTunes allows you to subscribe to podcasts directly in iTunes. Just follow the simple instructions to the right to subscribe to Insight for Living's podcasts.

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iPod/MP3 Player
Podcasting is designed to allow you to listen to daily radio broadcasts at your convenience on your MP3 player. The iPod is Apple's brand of MP3 player, but podcasting is available for all brands.

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FOUR EASY STEPS to listen to podcasts with iTunes

1. In iTunes, click on "Music Store" in the "Source" window.

2. In the "Music Store" window, click on "Podcasts" in the "Choose Store" list.

3. Type "Bethel Gospel Assembly " in the podcast search field.

4. Click on the "Subscribe" button for the podcast you want.

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